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    We are having trouble with the Layer Slider. It is in the layout builder, but it is not showing up on the page. It shows for a split second while the page is loading, but then it goes away. Could you please assist.

    Also, when the page is loading,the index (or the sitemap…something) is showing for a split second. Is there a way to make that go away.

    I have created a admin user for you to go in and take a look if you could. Where should I send that to?


    Hi 416bc,

    For some reason all of the theme css is loading in the footer instead of the head of your page. If you have a plugin installed for performance, caching or anything that allows you to change where css gets loaded it needs to go in the header in order for the page to render correctly.

    Otherwise the page loads the html and *then* gets styled so the user has a brief glimpse of raw html without styling.




    ok. thank you, i’ll look into that.

    the more important issue is the slider not working. it seems to be a common problem here in the forum. i’m sure it’s not intentional, but i feel like the use of the slider in the theme demo for sale is a bit misleading considering it doesn’t work…for a lot of people. is there a way to get it to work?



    Your layer slider is working just fine. :)

    There are thousands of users who are using the theme and only a number of them are having trouble with the Layer Slider. There are a lot of factors why some functionality don’t work on a certain WordPress environment.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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