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    Hi there,

    In general Ive enjoyed using this theme but the slider is incredibly frustrating. Ive used other sliders and the viewing between preview and live is exactly the same so the experience is logical and fluid. Layer Slider doesnt seem to replicate what I see in preview into the actual live slider. Ive seen someone else mention so I dont think im alone. Please let me be wrong!

    Im working locally at the moment as I have to produce this on long train journeys without wifi and up till now ive had no issues working on this theme.


    1) My text, font size and background text boxes which ive set up in the preview window all re-align when I update the main slider

    2) I want to re-produce the dissolve text/box transition ‘on’ effect that’s used in the ‘basic slider’ (text fades during a move downward) instead of animating across the entire width/height of the slider which is incredibly clunky and old fashioned

    3) How do I make my css colored box behind my text partially transparent. At the moment its at 100% and I want it to be 50%

    I guess if im stuck with this slider then I would at least like to try and gain a bit more creative control. Im sure im missing something and you will let me know that all is ok but I have a nasty feeling that im about to find the achilles heel of this lovely theme




    I think the layerslider is a bit buggy, as some things such as scale don’t work properly on the live site, yet works in the preview. I don’t blame the enfold theme for this as it is a third party plugin. Just have to live with it’s buggyness until they fix it.


    Hmmm. Thanks for your comments although for a relative newbie who bought this on the grounds of ease and flexibility this is a worry, particularly as so many competitors either allow for easy implementation or include other sliders like Revolution.

    Im not having a rant at the the theme as I love it but for the one thing thats kind of integral to my portfolio site this is a problem. Im not sure what to do now





    I’m sorry that you feel that way. Please, if you can summon a little more of your patience, watch this video Maybe it’ll help you better understand how the slider works.

    Please let us know if it helps. It would be a lot easier if you have the site online so that we can help you set the slider up.




    Have you tried using transparent and semi transparent PNGs for the text instead? This is what I did. There are work arounds. I have been using Layerslider for over a year on different sites, and it is ok. Never tried revolution, but there are pros and cons with all of them.


    Hi there,

    I love the theme so I have indeed stuck with it and thx Lounge35 – I think ur right that transparent pngs might be the way to go. I hit a frustration point yesterday which is why I snapped but as with all these things is just a case of finding a work-a-round.

    Cheers all

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