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    Hey there, I hope you can help me out with this strange issue.

    I went into the layer slider to start building my own custom slider and I noticed that there were duplicates of the two sample sliders to the amount of over 300 which was strange.

    I went into the database and emptied the wp_layerslider table and revisited the main layer slider admin page in the back-end and SOMEHOW the two sample sliders were still there even though I had just deleted all the data directly from the DB table. I then refreshed the page thinking it might have been a strange caching issue but THEN I noticed that it was starting to duplicate them again.

    This is very troubling and I have worked on many WordPress sites and have never seen this happen. Any ideas what might be going on?


    Here is something else I noticed.

    I narrowed down the problem to being related to using a child-theme for enfold.

    My child theme is extremely basic. Just an empty functions.php file and my style.css file for the child theme. When I deactivate the child theme and use the base Enfold theme by itself the duplication does not occur – very very strange behavior.



    It’s weird, can you post the link to your website please?




    Sure thing, it is http://nationalclaimantservices.com the access is blocked with a username/password its simple dev/dev


    Hi joelichty,

    What changes if any have you done in the child theme? There is something off about the source of the main site but I’m not sure whats causing it. So just getting a bit more information about the installation, the active plugin and what if any changes have been made should help.




    No problem,

    My theme setup is as follows:

    WordPress v 3.6.1

    Latest version of enfold theme installed
    keane-ncs child theme folder that contains the following:

    functions.php (contains nothing at the moment)

    I haven’t modified any of the enfold theme files directly – the only things I have customized are the CSS styles in the style.css file.

    Here is a list of my installed plugins: (all are up-to-date with latest version.)

    Advanced Custom Fields
    Captain Typekit (ACTIVE)
    CMS Page Order
    Custom Permalinks
    Custom Post Type UI
    Exclude Pages from Navigation
    Gravity Forms
    WordPress SEO

    As you can see I really haven’t done much work on the theme at all – but I know that it is something strange involving the child theme as stated above in a previous reply. I also tried to deactivate all my plugins and also get rid of everything in the child theme except the style.css file but nothing seemed to work…


    – Derek


    Try switching to one of the default themes and then back to the child theme. Make sure all plugins are not active when you do so.

    Check things out then and try working with the LayerSlider a bit. None of those plugins are listed on the LayerSlider FAQ as being incompatible but its a pretty complicated plugin and there are definitely a lot of things that could cause a conflict if they modify the WordPress admin at all.

    If you have any server side caching, see if you can turn that off in addition to all of the above.


    I am having an issue where by none of the “dynamic parts” of my site are activating, i.e layered sliders not starting, images not appearing etc, please can you help! my url is http://www.fitprodigital.com


    Hi alexeastman7,

    You must update to the newest version of the theme files to bring the theme up to compatibility with WordPress 3.6+.

    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750

    Best regards,

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