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    I just installed the theme, and the demo content. Each page with the layer slider produces an error

    In the layer slider area, i get the following error

    Server configuration issues detected!

    phpQuery, an external library in LayerSlider, have unmet dependencies. It requires PHP5 with the following extensions installed: PHP DOM extension, PHP Multibyte String extension. Please contact with your hosting provider to resolve these dependencies, as it will likely break LayerSlider to function properly. This issue could result a blank page in slider builder.

    I checked with my server company and they say we are running php 5.3.28 and mbstring and dom is installed on the server. I have several other themes with layer slider on the server so hoping you can come up with an answer on this one.


    also, when i add a text block element, i don’t get a visual editor or any editing icons. Only the html one. If i go create a new page, and go to the regular page editor then go back to my page that has the advanced editor, i get the visual editor? i’ve not put any new plugins etc.



    We’re really sorry that you’re experiencing this issue.

    There are some cases before about PHP version FastCGI causing issues somehow and switching to 5.3.28 CGI (Stable) may fix the problem. Please contact your host about that. If possible please upgrade to PHP version 5.4. I hope it fix the issue.



    yea, not working with php versions. so i took another approach. I saw in a previous post a fix you suggested to get the layer slider out of the theme’s control, and that worked better But i can’t get it to go full width, even tho the slider is set to that. Can you help with that?



    Glad it works.

    Have you tried adding the layer slider shortcode inside a Color Section? Add an ID, edit the section then look for the “For Developers: Section ID”. Let’s use the id layer-slider-section for example. Add this on Quick CSS or custom.css to force the color section’s container to full width:

    #layer-slider-section .container {
    width: 100%;

    Inside the color section, add a text block with the layer slider shortcode inside.



    Hi, I thought i had solved this issue as per the above fix. But today i added some text layers to the slides and got the following error on the page
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_eregi() in /home/motherho/public_html/ma/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/helpers/phpQuery.php on line 1421
    We have a pretty up todate server, so i’m not willing to proceed on fine tuning it. I know this layer slder works as i’ve developed many other themes with it…’ just an example of one, working.

    I know it’s not extra plugins, as the issue was immediately present on installing your theme. I like this theme, client loves it and if we can solve this that would be the best scenerio. When i get a theme that works well and looks good, has good support, i usually keep it on my list of themes to push to other clients. THis theme hits all the marks except for this issue.



    Thank you for the info.

    I’m not really where the issue is coming from but reading on the codecanyon support forum the author of the layer slider is planning to drop off the phpQuery so this issue, we hope, will not happen again. I’ll ask Dude if has any idea on how to fix this. Please edit config-layerslider > Layerslider > helpers > phpQuery.php, find this code on line 1421:

    ? mb_eregi('\w', $char)

    Replace it with:

    ? preg_match('@\w@', $char)

    Let us know if it works.

    Best regards,



    You can try Ismaels mod (not sure if it works though since the plugin author probably has good reasons why he relies on the mb_eregi() function) or you make sure that the server supports the mbstring php extension: . Unfortunately I can’t provide another solution since the mb_eregi function is part of the LayerSlider plugin code and not used by the theme framework. A workaround would be to use/purchase another slider like: or – I’m not sure if these plugins use the mb_eregi function though.

    Best regards,


    making the change in the above to the phpQuery.php file seemed to work. I know you don’t have much control over the plugins you package the theme with, but they should at least work out of the box when installing the theme and demo content. I have this slider wrapped in with several other themes and never had issues… so i think there has to be some accountability on your end to make sure the plugins you do use are compatible? Anyway thanks for persisting on this, hoping the issue is resolved.



    Glad it worked. :)

    Actually, the mb_eregi if I am not mistaken is deprecated on the latest version of PHP and the plugin author is actually planning to drop off the whole phpQuery. I hope this fix the whole issue in the future.

    Best regards,

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