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    Good morning,

    I updated our site to the latest Enfold theme update and it has broken our main page slider. It no longer fills properly.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



    me too. The slider now runs to the right edge of the page. It looks like the images are concatenated.



    Anyone able to assist here?


    I can say that it is breaking, even without the update. For us, LayerSlider seems to have switched to wanting images via ssl, which throws a browser error and a broken image icon for some.

    Need to know how widespread this is, as we have a ton of licenses and sites running Enfold.


    Update: We ended up rebuilding one of our sliders and found that it worked. Not sure what the underlying cause it, but it would appear we do have a workaround, albeit a time-consuming one. Please share if anyone uncovers the root cause of this bug.


    I rebuilt the main page slider and the issue remains. I have removed the slider from the site entirely till someone can offer some further insight…


    Is your’s trying to pull the images from https?

    Are you running latest Enfold? We are still on 3.8.5 with WP 4.7.2. Seems to have happened overnight, yet cannot figure out what changed overnight. Turned off all the plug-ins that have background updates (WordFence, JetPack) temporarily, but does not solve the issue. It is almost like it was timed somehow, since so many are experiencing it.


    We are running WP 4.7.2 and Enfold Child theme of 4.0.2.

    My other sites are running with Enfold 3.8.5 and they are fine… has to be related to the latest update, but no one has responded from Kriesi yet as to what to do to fix this sadly.


    If it were related solely to the theme update, it would not explain why some of our sites that were still running 3.8.5 all broke overnight. I think this is indeed related to LayerSlider, which was probably updated when you updated your Enfold parent theme. I am wondering if LayerSlider is using some sort of microupdate feed that updated all of the sliders with a bug. It would explain how both of us could have same or similar issues, yet be on different theme versions. I am guessing Kriesi’s team is waiting for any answer from LayerSlider as well.

    Is it trying to pull images from https? That is what broke for us. All previously created sliders started making the imagery load via https, while rest of the page loads in regular. When I recreated the slides from scratch with imagery from the library, it went back to loading standard, rather than https.


    Interesting, I remade a simple slider with new images and it still didn’t format properly (slider didn’t stop on the right of the window and spilled over to the edge of the screen, and the overall dimensions of the display seemed incorrect).

    For us, no matter what images I used, the slider itself seems to be broken. I’m hoping a simple CSS code or something may repair it, but I cannot have the main slider of our site appear so ugly, so I removed it till I can get it sorted.



    Please each one, if still have an issue, udpate to the latest WordPress & Latest Enfold and create a different ticket.
    We can not follow any convertsation here.

    Thank you


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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