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    Hi guys, hope you are hangover less :P

    I have updated a site I have been developing since Oct. once I installed the last 2 theme updates of Enfold the plugin H5P software has stopped working. I know it’s the theme because I have switched out themes as part of the debugging process.

    You may have to enroll to see the pages that are in question. Or I can send you some admin cred. Please let me know.


    Anything will help, thank you.


    Hey vidordesigns,

    Happy new year!

    Please post the login details in the private field and provide a screenshot of the issue. Use imgur or dropbox.

    Best regards,


    Added in private content box
    Thank you

    So it is the H5P that is not working with Enfold.

    Hope this helps:



    Thanks for the update. The “wp-admin” page is not found and I also tried “wp-login” but it still doesn’t work. Please provide a valid login url.
    For additional help, please contact the plugin authors.

    Best regards,

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    I’m sorry but we don’t hand in that kind of information here. Please disable the security block momentarily or allow access for specific countries. You can find us here:


    We usually respond within 24 hours during weekdays but you may need to wait for a while when you open a request right before the weekends.

    Again, you should contact the plugin authors because they are more familiar with their plugin.

    Best regards,


    “Again, you should contact the plugin authors because they are more familiar with their plugin.


    Every theme I tested [5 themes tested] works fine with the plugin except Enfold

    I have disabled the security you should be able to access it



    [5 themes tested]

    Which themes are you using aside from Enfold?

    I have disabled the security you should be able to access it

    I can’t login using the password above. Did you change it?

    Best regards,


    Themes I used
    DIvi theme
    Twenty Eighteen
    Twenty Nineteen
    Urban Square
    Play School

    It really doesn’t matter the theme ..I have tried other themes as well, I can pick any one and the Quiz portion will work

    Only Enfold does not render the theme

    New Password below
    Here are images of themes used to to test teh rendering of the quiz

    View post on

    View post on

    View post on

    Also to add

    View post on

    This link does not fire off – It tells me that Enfold and H5P quiz are not working well.

    No errors in console

    *in the image blow – I noticed that Enfold converted a link to a button, am I seeing this correct?

    View post on

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    Hey Ismael

    I appreciate your help, were you able to log in successfully?



    Where can I see the issue again? I created a multiple choice test and it seems to be working properly. (see private field)

    Best regards,


    Hi Thanks again,

    I can create new ones, that is no problem.

    The problem is with the original 30 + quizzes that do not work.

    One example here:


    Hey Ismael , Feel free to change the theme. If we can get closer to the solution then that is better than no solution at all :D




    How can I edit that quiz? It redirects to the same page when I click the “Edit Quiz” link.

    Best regards,


    Exactly! :D

    Only Enfold is doing this

    Now ya get my issue :D


    Hi Ismael,

    Any luck?


    I got it

    There were missing Lifterlms JavaScript files that were not dependent on the plugin.

    I manually added the scripts in the footer.

    thanks please close this ticket



    Great! Glad that you figured it out because I have no idea what caused the issue. We’ll close the thread now.

    Best regards,

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