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    Simple question because I’m a novice. I am attempting to change the background image the large sliders on my homepage. To ensure I have consistent results and a non pixilated image on any machine I decided to purchase a very high resolution image. Needless to say it doesn’t fit in the slider well.

    What is the correct resolution that I should resize the image for the large slider?

    How do I know what my native resolutions are? Is it in the css code?

    See my issue on the homepage here.



    The problem is that you can’t determine a “correct” resolution because it’s a fullwidth slider which will always scale the image based on the screen resolution (eg retina display with 2560px vs a small 1280px screen, etc.). Personally I’d suggest to use a reasonable resolution of 1500px or 1920px which will display just fine on standard screens and smaller screens and it shouldn’t be blurry on retina displays.


    Ok thank, but let me get this right. The width should be about 1500 or 1920. What about the height? I don’t want to make the slider larger in the options because it would dominate too much of the homepage. I’d rather just modify the image itself.

    Thanks again



    1500×450 or 1920×600 will suffice. :)




    Ahh sorry for the delay. Thanks! I’ll try that now!



    I hope it worked out?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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