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    Hi @Kriesi,

    I read about Landing Pages in your blog, and for me there’s one question leftover:
    How can I connect an extra domain to a landing page? Withhout installling and configuring a WP multisite? (I was searching, but every google hit tells me about multisite…)

    Thanks for any answer


    Hey Stephan!

    You do it in the cPanel of your hosting package. If you do not see any options for parking a domain then contact your hosting provider for more information.

    Best regards,


    Hey Elliot,

    perhaps I didn’t describe my issue exactly. I have 2 domains:
    >> http://www.my-normal-enterprise-website.com -> My normal domain (as defined in WP) pointing at my normal home page (as defined Enfold Options > Frontpage Settings)

    Then I have a second domain for a special campaign – for this campaign I’ve built a specific landing page with the title “My Special New Product”:
    >> http://www.my-special-new-product.com -> pointing (as defined in my hosting config (like your cPanel) at the Permalink of the landing page http://www.my-normal-enterprise-website.com/my-special-new-product/

    Now going to http://www.my-special-new-product.com, logically it switches to http://www.my-normal-enterprise-website.com/my-special-new-product/ – but NOT showing the http://www.my-special-new-product.com (with nothing more in the URL) showing the landing page.

    Would this be possible with somesing built in Enfold – or do I need something more? Do I have to edit the htaccess or do you know a plugin for this?

    Thanks and best regards

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    You will have to do it by the server and the configuration of it and we can not do somethig from our side to help you out with that.
    Please do contact your hosting provider, who will be able to help you!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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