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    wir möchten auf einer Seite mit Enfold Theme das Plugin CM Tooltip einsetzen. ( Leider kommt es zu einem Konflikt zwischen den Avia Layout Builder und dem Plugin. Auf Seiten, die nicht mit dem Layout Builder gemacht wurden, funktioniert alles perfekt, auf Seiten mit dem Layout Builder gemacht wurden, zerhackt es den Quellcode, so dass die Sidebar nicht mehr korrekt angezeigt wird. Ich habe mich direkt an den Support des Plugin Herstellers gewandt, das habe ich als Info zurückbekommen:

    We spent some time checking the site and we came to a conclusion that there’s a conflict between Tooltip and the part of the theme called “Avia Layout Builder”.
    It seems that it produces some invalid html which breaks layout during the parsing in search for tooltips.
    It’s not the fault of Tooltip, because there are some pages which don’t break the layout. We have checked that these are the ones which doesn’t use the “Avia Layout Builder”.
    We also didn’t want to play with this since the “Aria Layout Builder” is a part of a paid theme called Enfold.
    We suggest one of the following:

    a) disable the tooltip on pages with “Avia Layout Builder”
    b) don’t use “Avia Layout Builder”
    c) seek support from the theme authors.

    Daher wende ich mich jetzt an euch, das Problem scheint tatsächlich mit dem Layout Builder zu tun zu haben und es wäre fein, wenn es eine Lösung gäbe.



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    Thanks for looking into this. Here ist the Information I got from the Plugin author:

    The tool parses the content using the same hook as we do (the_content) but with lower priority – I think it was one (default is 10). From what I’ve learned it changes the internal structure of the HTML in the content and probably opens some <div> which are unclosed !!.

    When Tooltip parser takes the content it uses the DOM traversal PHP mechanisms which fix the structure automatically (add closing tags). Then the tool adds it’s own closing tags and the layout ends up broken.

    I don’t understand this in detail, maybe this helps a bit.



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    Ok, then the plugin is definitely incompatible with our layout editor because our layout editor sometimes generates content with unclosed html tags and we close these tags with different functions – i.e. the “fullwidth” elements like the Layerslider or the fullwidth masonry gallery require a different structure than a default “content” element. If another plugin starts to “fix” the html code it will break the theme. I recommend to try another tooltip plugin from the repository:


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