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    Hi – I just purchased this template and love it.

    But I have 1 problem and 1 question regarding the site logo.

    1) When you scroll down the page, and the logo resizes to a smaller size, the logo looks pixelated and it takes a couple of seconds before it suddenly smoothes out. This same thing is happening with the Enfold logo on your demo site:

    I am not seeing this issue on this template for example on this template

    (I am on Chrome on OSX).

    2) Is it possible to change the javascript somehow, so that the logo resize is more similar to this here: i.e. only two different sizes, rather than the logo scaling pixel by pixel as you scroll up/down?

    Thank you!



    I tagged this thread for Kriesi – maybe we can implement a re-size script for a smooth transition.

    Best regards,



    Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure how to fix this yet.

    The difference between those 2 themes is that we resize the header based on the amount you scroll and the other theme always by a fixed amount. Not sure if its worth searching for a fix since those are usually things that are solved by the browsers themselves within a few generations but I will keep my eyes open for a smart trick to fix this :)



    Hi there,

    I second that idea as I’m trying to get my site to do exactly the same. I’ve got mine to lock but it messes up the sub nav. It also does odd stuff on the ipad in portrait mode

    My site is where you can see it half working at

    Great work Kriesi


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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