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    I recently built a site using the Construction Demo as a starter. It was done under 5.4.1 and last month updated to 5.5. All has been great -> UNTIL TODAY. I updated to Enfold 5.6 and every page was missing content. Some pages were missing text and images, some were just missing images. I tried reverting back to 5.5 to no avail. Everything was still botched.

    Since I am using SiteGround, I was able to easily restore to last night’s backup of DB and files. Everything is fine again, but I just tried updating to 5.6 again and the same thing happened. Had to restore once more.

    I have NEVER had an issue like this before. What is going on? I update to 5.6 on 3 other sites and am not having issues with them. Hopefully, no future issues will arise there.

    I’ve posted login info in the private section. Need some help here – I have 12 other sites to update to 5.6 and am not doing so until I am sure of what the issue is here.



    Could you please create a staging copy of your site and send us a link to your login page and admin login credentials so we can update Enfold there and investigate the issues?

    Best regards,

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    Hi skconsultsvcs I see every page of your site in the correct way..


    Hi newmediologo, thanks for taking a look – I had to restore a known good backup – which is what you’re seeing. The Kriesi crew is working on this to see what the root cause was for my issue.

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    I am having the same issue whereby certain elements such as images and certain builder elements don’t work. Seems to be down to a Jquery issue. Have installed Jquery migrate helper (as found on an old thread) but this hasn’t fixed it. Disabled all plugins, cache etc and still the same. Currently unable to access the Enfold settings panel either as seems to be powered by jQuery. Site works fine on Chrome, currently Safari seems to be causing the issues.



    Thanks for the information.

    I updated Enfold to version 5.6 but cannot see any issues on your staging site. I uploaded the zip file in Appearance > Themes > Add New. Is there anything different in the way you set up the staging site? If you have server-side caching, is it disabled on the staging site?

    please start a new thread under Enfold subforum and attach temporary admin logins in the private content field so we can look into it.



    Hi Yigit, I assume you just uploaded and replaced the existing Enfold theme? I just did the same thing you did on the live site and the same thing that happened before is occurring. I will leave it as-is for a couple of hours so you can see what I am referring to.



    You have the “Minify JavaScript Files” and “Combine JavaScript Files” options enabled in SG Optimizer > Frontend > JavaScript and also have the “Javascript File Merging And Compression” option enabled in Enfold theme options > Performance. Disabling it in either Enfold or SG Optimizer would fix the issue. Since they do the same thing, you can enable it only in Enfold or in SG Optimizer.



    Hi Yigit,

    Okay, time for me to retire. I typically just use SG Optimizer’s file compression and merging. I completely forgot to disable them both in Enfold settings. All seems good now.

    Thank you for your efforts and sorry to waste your time on user error.

    Best as always.

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    No worries at all. It happens to the best of us :)

    You are welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Best regards,

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