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    I am trying to add a new page on the Church theme. Please see pictures below. I have added parent page ‘services’ with several pages under it on the backend, but it does not show up on the website. Please help.


    Hey Wisith,

    It’s not clear where you are trying to display the new pages? I’m assuming you like to display the new page on top of the site in the main menu area correct?

    Please add the pages to the main menu area from Appearance > Menu > Select the correct menu and make sure main menu is checked at the bottom.

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay,

    Thank you. That helped :)

    My question now is: is there a way to adjust the size of the sub menu (secondary menu). Please see attached. I don’t know why the box is much longer than the text.



    Please try the following in Quick CSS under Enfold->General Styling:

    .av-main-nav ul {
        width: 150px;

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    I added the code, but it did not work.



    The code @Rikard provided works fine please adjust the width value from 150px to 115px.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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