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    Hey guys,
    I’ve got a plugin that we use to display our video messages each week. It has a share function for each message but doesn’t work with Enfold. I’ve already contacted the plugin developer to make sure it wasn’t the plugin as well as deactivated all other plugins to see if there was a conflict with another plugin but turns out the issue resides in our theme. I’ve tried switching to one of the basic themes and the share function works correctly so it’s definitely in the Enfold theme.

    Link to the site: http://www.mercyhillgso.com
    Click Sermons then in the player you’ll see the share function but when the notification pops up there’s no link visible. Just a button that says “Okay, I got it” so the link is being hidden.

    Plugin Name is Series Engine.

    Any idea what would be hiding the link? Let me know if you need anymore info and thank you for your time!



    Hey Nate,

    I’m not sure if I understand what you mean, is it the sharing options under the video if you click share on the URL in private? If so that seems to be working fine on my end.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the reply!
    Yeah the main URL http://mercyhillgso.com/messages works fine, it’s the individual messages that don’t link correctly.
    If you click the share button and then click “share link” button it’ll come up with the notification that should have the URL to paste but it doesn’t.

    It just says “Copy and share the link below” with the button “I’m done” with no URL.
    Does that make sense?

    Let me know if I need to clarify anything.



    It looks like you’re using a third party plugin. Have you asked the plugin author about this issue? Is it working if you switch to a default theme?



    Hi Ismael, yes it’s a third party plugin but I’ve already contacted them and they looked into stating it was something in the Enfold theme that is hiding the URL. It works fine when I switch to a default theme.




    Did they tell you exactly what’s causing the link to disappear? This is the html markup of the share container. You can see that there is no actual link so it’s not hidden, it is not rendered in the page.

    <div class="enmse-copy-link-box" style="top: 566px;">
    <h4>Copy and share the link below:</h4>
    <a href="#" class="enmse-copy-link-done">Okay, I'm Done</a></div>

    Please note that we don’t provide support for third party plugins as stated on our support policy. https://kriesi.at/support/register/#av_section_2

    Best regards,


    Thanks Ismael,
    I totally understand you guys don’t give support on third party plugins. Thanks for the continued response.
    I just didn’t know if there was something weird happening in your theme’s code that would overwrite some style or something that
    makes the link not show up.

    Maybe this could help?

    Here’s what the plugin developer said:

    Series Engine has a bit of code at the top of its embed that should read like this:

    <div class=”enmse-copy-link-box” style=”display: none;”>
    <h4>Copy and share the link below:</h4>
    Okay, I’m Done

    On your install, the “<p></p>” tags in the middle seem to be missing, which is keeping that copy link code from working properly. I don’t know if another script on your site or your theme is removing it, but that’s the culprit.



    We don’t want to push you back and forth so I think it’s better if you hire a freelance developer to investigate the issue. You can contact our partner, codeable. http://kriesi.at/contact

    Or please ask the plugin author which file or script to check in the plugin so that we can investigate the issue.

    Best regards,

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