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    Having an issue with my tablet view for this page.

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    How can I fix this?



    Hey amerisource!

    The issue is that your email data, added on the latest column, are bigger and they can not be broken to pieces.
    Is there any way you think it should work, so we can see what we can do?

    Thank u



    It’s not just the last column, but the second column also overlaps on some. It should expand the fields to the correct size and make the fields wrap to the next line if needed.



    It seems like you used column elements instead to solve the issue, is that correct? :)
    If not, please point out the current issues so we can assist you further

    Enjoy your holidays!

    Best regards,


    I have done no changes, the same issue still exist. See image below

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    there are simply too many elements which are too long for displaying them well on tablet.

    Did you try to use ALB’s Table element?

    However, I guess in your case you need to search for a good table plugin.

    Best regards,


    I don’t understand – it works OK on the iPhone, i.e. the responsive portion of the table shows correctly. It’s responsive and should work for a tablet as well.

    Also, it’s not a table, but set up as 4 one quarter elements. Each element should shift to the next line if it is too big.



    Would you be okay with the text being forced to break if it occupies more than the space it is allocated? if it’s okay, just add this code in Quick CSS:

    .page-id-267 .flex_column_table.av-equal-height-column-flextable {
        word-break: break-all;

    the reason it’s not breaking by default because it’s a single word. If the solution isn’t good then I would suggest making it to a 1 or 2 columns.

    Best regards,


    But it’s not breaking on the second column where there is a word break (Houston/Southwest Market)? Should break there after Southwest and move Market to line below.



    I checked on it and I don’t see any reason it should shift the Market at the bottom since the space is pretty much available when viewing on my ipad. Can you post a screenshot? you can upload it in or dropbox and post the link here. You might also want to use the css code I gave above, it should help.



    The image above shows it on an iPad, along with the problem. And no I do not want the text breaking in the middle of a word – just on a space between words like it should.



    The screenshot you posted before are on portrait mode and shows 4 columns, what I can see now with the current changes is it should be showing 2 columns on ipad (portrait mode).

    Best regards,

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