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    We have encountered an issue which wasnt happening initially.

    On our site, we are using suffix ‘/#tab-id-4’ on one of the menus.

    However, if you navigate to this menu item from another page that also has tabs on it, it doesnt follow the full link, it just changes to the tab on the page its already on.

    Details in private.


    Hey richardelectrix!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    I followed the instructions above and I landed on the following page which is correct:

    However, I noticed that the page reloads when clicking on the anchor links. This should not be happening because of the smoothscroll script. It should slide smoothly to the designated anchor and not refresh the page. Did you modify it?




    It looks like it is picking up on the anchor in the menu link, which takes you to the tab, but then it sees the rest of the url and navigates to the correct place after a reload.

    See private.



    The anchor link takes you the tab section of the current page before going to the actual page’s tab section. This is the correct behavior but not what you expected since the theme cannot distinguished the difference between the two anchor links. What you need is to be able to add unique id to each tabs. Add this in the functions.php file:


    Edit one of the tabs then look for the For Developers: Custom Tab ID field. Add a unique id to the tab so that you can identify each product section. For example, in the bracket tab, add “brackets” and then replace the menu item url with:




    Dear Kriesi Team,

    Please, build an anchor option in the Tab Section so pages can be more compact. This request has been mentioned before, and it will not do to merely suggest to hire a freelancer to create this for you. (

    I am a freelancer and new to the business, but would very much like clear instructions as to how to create this in CSS, for instance. There are several posts on this, but somehow I can’t get it to work.

    I simply want to be able to refer to a specific tab in the Tab Section, upon selection scrolling down and opening it — both from the menu, as well as from other elements of the page.

    How is this realized?


    Hi @SaintK9,

    There is no possibility for that at the moment as Victoria pointed out in the thread you linked to. You can submit a feature request for it here though:

    Best regards,

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