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    after updating to 4.7.1 (WP 5.3.2) buttons do not link to an external window (_blank) even it is chosen in the menu.: button settings, advanced, link settings, open in new window.

    Shortcode is not working, too.



    Hey Nautrino,

    Sorry for the problem. Could you please provide us with details to a site where we can see and reproduce the problem?

    Best regards,


    Following, I have the same issue.

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    Same for me too!



    We have just reported the issue to our devs and shared this thread as reference. Please kindly wait to hear from us :)

    Best regards,


    And by the way – the link of a column goes to a new window – not a new tab- if it is set to blank



    @guenni007 i just tested adding a link to a column element and opening it in a new window but that worked fine on my local installation. Is it not working for you?

    Best regards,


    Yes in a new window ! that is not the way it should work! If i setup my browser to open in a new tab if target is blank !!!

    i guess it is a “orthographic” error ;) ( take buttons.php and look _ there will be for link target the id: link_target – all other alb elements where the link is set correct with target blank have id: linktarget )
    if i replace in the source code of buttons.php all and id too to linktarget $link_target with $linktarget it will open the way i like to have.



    Thanks a lot for posting the solution @guenni007! We are going to be including the fix in upcoming version :)



    On Columns you had to look in a different way. This is via data-link-column-target and based on script (shortcodes.js)

    But i realy do not know why.
    If i change it in headings.php the same thing – then it works but …


    there must be a different inconsitency there are alb elements where the link_target ID works as expected !!!

    slideshow buttons for example ( or logoslider ) – there is in av-helper-slideshow.php the usage of ID : link_target and the buttons goes correctly to target blank if set !

    the change now works on : buttons (all: buttons-row fullwidth-button) / icon-grid / headings / image_hotspots / promobox / timeline / accordion-slider / easy-slider.
    on image the ID : target is used and it works !

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    Hi Guenni007,
    thanks for sharing your solution. I am not really getting it what to do now? Could you maybe post the new button.php code in the forum?


    No that is just for info to the mods – because as i said on top: there must be a different inconsitency.
    Some ALB elements run with the other link_target ID. This is something for the other “Günter”


    Thank you Günther, great tip!


    Link “In neuem Fenster öffnen” aus Button in einer Tabelle funktioniert nicht mehr seit Version 4.7.1.
    Bitte dringend fixen!



    Sorry for this.

    Rewriting the link selection for the toggles and moving the code to a template for easier maintenance I missed, that for some elements linktarget was used as id and for others link_target.

    Already existing pages still work as expected, only new created elements or after saving an existing element the linktarget _blank might be broken.

    This will be fixed in the oncoming release (planned for this afternoon).

    In case you created new elements or saved existing ones there is a fallback included to ensure that these elements will work.

    Best regards,


    thanks – seems to work as expected now in 4.7.2
    except – link from column with target blank goes to new window on firefox and safari (on chrome it is ok).
    maybe that is due to data-link-column-target ? and concerning script (in shortcodes.js 618ff) But i guess that this is the fact for a lot of older enfold versions too. Even if i go back to the shortcodes.js version without allow smoothscroll feature the links opens in new windows.

    PS: On image.php the id is only target – it works! but maybe it will be nice to have same IDs in source code for same behavior.




    This is caused by ‘noopener noreferrer’ see enfold\js\shortcodes.js 642:
 url, '_blank', 'noopener noreferrer' );

    Seems to be for security reasons that FF opens a new window and not a new tab. If you remove ‘noopener noreferrer’ it opens in a new tab.

    Best regards,


    Thanks –
    but why the other links ( from images, buttons, etc. pp ) got : nofollow noreferrer – and it works with new tab even on firefox
    and the column links got : noopener noreferrer – and that does not work in new tab – just goes to new window ?

    could this be an alternative for line 642: url, '_blank').opener = null;

    that will open in new tab even on firefox



    Interesting – in buttons we have



    I think I found a better solution – replace 642 with:

    					var a = document.createElement('a');
    					a.href = url; = '_blank';
    					a.rel = 'noopener noreferrer';;
    					return false;

    Best regards,


    Yes – works too : will it be included in next update?



    Yes, it will be included in next update :)



    Thanks – guess it can be closed because with 4.7.2 the issue is solved. And new window will be solved next Update ! :yoo



    Have a nice evening.

    Best regards,

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