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    on this above link…I have gotten the forum topic to post however, its bot been pretty. When I first create the topic with the first post in the forum, even if I include a lot of content in the first post…the contents of the topic is not visible till I get a response. Then it threads. and I can see all the posts. Problem is that clicking on the topic after creating the initial post takes me to a reply post and does not show me the content for the initial post…this is very wierd and i have not been able to fix it…my earlier post referenced this.

    however, I need to refer to certain forum threads directly with in other areas of my site that contain other content as well…which means they have menus and interface objects….what I would like to do is to be able to display a reference to http://mcm-ct.com/forums/topic/test-topic/ with in an iframe or embedded in the page…I also have blog posts that i would like to refer to like this…meaning stripped of surrounding interfaces and directly displayed within other content inline.

    Your help is appreciated


    Hi mocablue!

    Your link is giving me a 404. Are you using bbPress? Your trying to make it so all of your forum posts use a fullwidth layout?



    changed the forum setup – sorry


    i was able to remove sidebar from a topic by setting archives to not have sidebars in theme setup…but i can not hide the header or footer which I do need to do in some instances



    I’m not sure if there is a way to hide them on certain topics. If you want to hide them on all topics then you can use this CSS.

    .single-topic #header, .single-topic #footer { display: none !important; }

    Best regards,

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