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    Hi Enfold

    I just realized my website display very bad in Internet Explorer, and I’m unsure how to go about this. Tried to browse through the threads on this forum, but all other issues a like seems to be plugin related.

    I was made aware of the issue as the “preloading circle” never disappeared when using IE. After disabling the “Page preloader” I was able to browse the website.

    I then noticed my embedded YouTube video didn’t display on the frontpage, my color sections are not displaying properly and several other elements as images, counters and more are not shown at all.

    I’ve disabled W3 Total Cache – but this didn’t help either.

    I’m running Enfold:4.5.7 and WordPress: 5.2.1. Administrator login is provided in private content.


    Hey Gudi,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    We found the following error in one of the scripts.

    Object doesn't support property or method 'includes'

    The function is not supported by or compatible with IE.


    Please edit the js > shortcodes.js file, look for this code around line 501:

    // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // Section Height Helper
    // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Above that code, add this polyfill for the function.

    if (!Array.prototype.includes) {
    	Object.defineProperty(Array.prototype, 'includes', {
    	  value: function(valueToFind, fromIndex) {
    		if (this == null) {
    		  throw new TypeError('"this" is null or not defined');
    		// 1. Let O be ? ToObject(this value).
    		var o = Object(this);
    		// 2. Let len be ? ToLength(? Get(O, "length")).
    		var len = o.length >>> 0;
    		// 3. If len is 0, return false.
    		if (len === 0) {
    		  return false;
    		// 4. Let n be ? ToInteger(fromIndex).
    		//    (If fromIndex is undefined, this step produces the value 0.)
    		var n = fromIndex | 0;
    		// 5. If n ≥ 0, then
    		//  a. Let k be n.
    		// 6. Else n < 0,
    		//  a. Let k be len + n.
    		//  b. If k < 0, let k be 0.
    		var k = Math.max(n >= 0 ? n : len - Math.abs(n), 0);
    		function sameValueZero(x, y) {
    		  return x === y || (typeof x === 'number' && typeof y === 'number' && isNaN(x) && isNaN(y));
    		// 7. Repeat, while k < len
    		while (k < len) {
    		  // a. Let elementK be the result of ? Get(O, ! ToString(k)).
    		  // b. If SameValueZero(valueToFind, elementK) is true, return true.
    		  if (sameValueZero(o[k], valueToFind)) {
    			return true;
    		  // c. Increase k by 1. 
    		// 8. Return false
    		return false;

    Best regards,


    Hi guys

    Thank you for the great support – this seems to have fixed the problem. Will this be included in future updates, or something I shall remember to update in my case?



    As it is a compatibility issue it may very well be included in an update.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon



    Thank you for reporting this problem. Is an IE problem not supporting a js array function.

    I tried to find an easier fix.

    As I have no IE for testing: in enfold\js\shortcodes.js around line 539 you find:

    if( ! pc_heights.includes( height ) && ( height != 100 ) )

    replace this line with:

    if( ( -1 == $.inArray( height, pc_heights ) ) && ( height != 100 ) )

    Do not forget to make a backup of the original file for fallback and clear server and browser cache.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards,


    Hello Günther, i have the same problem. My client wish that the page should work with IE11 :-(
    I replace the line, but not with sucsess. nothing loading

    thanks Stefan


    Hi Günter,
    That hack did solve the problem – thanks a lot!




    Can you wait for the next update?

    If not, please open a new thread, give a backlink to this topic and we can give you a link to a beta version including this fix in private content area.

    Best regards,


    @günter When is the next update released?



    There’s no ETA yet, but the version is already available. It’s in the private field in case you want to try it. You will be notified once the actual patch is available on Themeforest.

    Best regards,


    @günter and @ismael I think i can wait for a offical update.
    Best regards Stefan


    In my situation @ismael code works!



    @stimmungshoch: Alright. If I am not mistaken, the latest patch will be released very soon. Thank you for your patience.

    @caiser_souze: Thank you for the confirmation.

    Best regards,


    Is Enfold available on themeforest? I am having the same compatibility issues with IE11. I’ve downloaded the enfold directory, but not sure it is the version with the new patch.

    Thank you!!


    Hi @hunter_ncmed,

    No, it is not available on ThemeForest yet. I have replied to your old thread here – and attached beta version in private content field :)

    Best regards,

    This reply has been marked as private.


    There’s no ETA yet, but you will surely be notified once it’s available for download. Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Same issue here but the fix posted above worked wonderfully. Standing by for a fix!



    the internet explorer 11 doesn’t not work at all – only the sides without Color Section. I added the code in the js but nothing’s changed.
    Could you help.



    @ingridbrauner: The site contains an older version of the theme, 4.5.7, which is probably why the modification is not working. Try to upgrade the theme to the latest version, You don’t need to manually add the patch because it’s already included in that version. Please open a new thread if the issue persists after the update. We’ll close this thread for now.

    Best regards,

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