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    Unfortnuately, I need to add a html page to the theme, because my customer wants a specific design for one page. What is the easiest and best way, to do that?



    It’s impossible if you used the editor of enfold…
    I say to Kriesi team that is a very bad limitation for professional…

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    I’ve just had a play and found that you can add HTML within the Enfold site design/structure.

    I’ve made a new page and used the Default Editor (not the Advanced Layout Editor).

    Select the ‘Text’ tab at the top right of the editing window (not ‘Visual’).

    Write your HTML directly into this area.

    Select all of your code and define it as ‘code’ in the button bar – or just start the code with <code> and finish with </code>.

    Seems to work fine.



    Glad that works for you, just to add something, you can also add HTML content using the ALB using the Text element which allows you put content in a Text tab like the Default editor.



    Thanks for your posts and help.

    This works fine, if you keep the layout of the template. My problem was to have a complete different design than the template layout (customers wishes :( ) And the layout had to look like an existing page and than reach the theme layout by links. Sounds confusing, and it is.

    So I tried by insert the html code like you described, and then used the page template “blank, no header no footer”. But this caused problems. For example, I couldn’t change the background color, it still used the theme background, and although I used the blank template, the browser showed a white bar at the top and the bottom, with a slight line as a border. And when I looked into the source code, there are so many codes mixed, it makes me feel unsafe, what happens in the background.

    My solution: I used a full page slider and designed the page with graphipcs as a landing page. Took me a little work, but it works fine now.

    I hope, this helps for somebody.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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