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    Here is my website :

    When I try to enter in the search bar, in the header, the title of one of my page, the instant search does not seems to work.
    ie: if I write ‘ach mein sinn’ it will appear : Sorry, no posts matched your criteria

    But one my page title is ach mein sinn ! Do you have any idea of how to fix this ?

    Thank you !


    hi vincent,

    oft sind es einfache dinge – hast du in theme options – header – den hacken bei append search gesetzt?




    I am French not german ! Haha ! But no I do not have that, I only have this two option :

    Header Type and Responsive Header Main Menu



    hey, im sorry!

    okay then you have to update the enfold theme to the newest version 2.2, in this version of the theme you have the checkbox and the search what i wrote!


    you have the version 2.1 installed

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    Just did the update, but that doesn’t change that the ajax is searching for post and not for page title ! How vould I change that ? Thanks !


    Hey sorry for that, but now you have enfold 2.2 ;-)

    i look to your site, there is no scripterror ore something else what makes the conflict!

    maybe make`s the conflict your scond titlesearch on the titlelist, but i´m not shure about that, i´m sorry

    i think the supportteam here got an idea.



    Hi Vincent!

    The search function should be pulling up the same search that any of the search results would as its just a general search query on your content. I *think* that with WordPress the searches are only querying the page/post content so it wouldn’t ever pull up your pages by page title.



    Ok Thanks. Any chance I could change that ?




    Actually, I have try to create a post that I have call ‘bonjour’, I have search this new post on the search bar and it has found it directly. There is no text on the post that says again ‘Bonjour’. So, the ajax search is finding the post title.

    Thus, would it be possible to make the instant search searching page and not post ?

    Thanks !


    It may be that way for Posts but try it with a page. You can also check the regular WordPress search results by adding a search widget to your footer/sidebar and duplicating the same search there.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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