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    Everything about my site has been going well except installing the layer slider. Honestly the instructions for this seem lacking to say the least. As per the instructions I click “default editor” and put the short code in the text editor area. This make everything in my site other than the slider disappear. The other instruction states I can move the “layer slider WP widget” into the widget area and this will install the layer slider. There is no layer slider WP widget that I can see. When I use url to view my sites it all looks good except I have yet to see my slider

    If there is anyone who can explain installing the slider ( in a simple and thorough way) it would be greatly appreciated it! Thanx!


    Update: When I click “view page” or “preview changes” within WordPress I see my slider (on my homepage) just fine. When I attempt to go to my website using my URL my site looks fine except the slider is not visible and all I see in it’s place is the revolving icon suggesting it’s loading. But it never does. Love the theme and I’d like to keep it. Suggestions needed please!


    Hi wcolwell,

    The themes built in Layer Slider version does not work with the layer slider shortcodes or with the layer slider widget.

    You need to use the Advanced Layout Editor view to add in the layer slider element where you want it to appear.





    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your response! I have built my entire site in Advance layout editor (Avia Layout builder) I created a slider and it appears at the top of my homepage while viewed in WordPress. When I go to my site: the slider does not load. It appears I’m missing something in installing on my site. It sits in the “edit layer slider here” box at the top of the advanced layout editor along with all the enfold example layer sliders. Should I remove all those except for my own? Is this the reason its not loading?

    I hope this makes sense and you can direct me to a solution. I really need to complete my site asap and this has been an extremely frustrating road block in an otherwise great theme.

    thanks again




    Upgrade to Enfold 1.8.2.

    Did you add any plugins prior to this issue? Please deactivate them, see if the slider works.

    Increase your php memory limit to 128M or higher. Make sure you’re using wordpress version 3.5 up.

    Edit wp-config.php, add this code:

    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);




    Thank you Ismael! I’ll give those solutions a try. Will upgrading Enfold erase what I’ve already done?




    Hi wcolwell,

    Upgrading doesn’t change your theme settings no.

    The issue with your slider is actually that the image paths are not correct. My guess is you have built the site on a temporary domain before going live and the slider image paths just need to be updated. IE, right now its trying to pull your images from something like instead of

    Just re-building those slides pointing to the correct images should do it.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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