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    Hello, I Would like to know how instal and update Enfold Theme wich I buyed in 2013 … and I only have the instal folder from this date.
    I already use it on a site and it works perfectly with the update already instal… but impossible to copy the folder from FTP to my new site , it doesn’t work correctly (the interface do not work properly).
    Thanks for your information return.
    Best regards.


    Hey Romain,

    Which interface does not work? Which version of the theme do you have? Which php are you running?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria.
    Enfold Theme , buy in 2013 the version 2.4.2
    My version of PHP is 5.6.30
    When I instal the Enfold theme, impossible to update it on the wordpress interface.


    And my WP version is the 4.9.7


    Hi rgmotion,

    Thanks for the info. 2.4.2 is a very old version of the theme and is likely not compatible with the version of WordPress that you are running. Where did you buy the theme? If you bought it from Themeforest then you should be able to download the latest version from your account there.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    yes I bought the theme from Themeforest…but I can’t see the download link in my account
    I’ve got the license certificate.
    How can I do ?
    Best regards



    I’m not sure to be honest with you, are you sure that the account you are using was the one you purchased the theme with? If so the download link should be available to you once you have logged in. Maybe you could try contacting Envato/Themeforest support?

    Best regards,

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