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    We all had the issue with the Instagram widget a couple of weeks ago and Yigit gave us code to fix it. I noticed that the Instagram widget is appearing, though it hasn’t updated since a couple of weeks ago, so is not showing the current photos posted on Instagram. And in the box where the most recent photo should be is “gibberish.”

    You can see it on the sidebar here:

    Please advise…. thanks!



    I’m guessing it may have something to do with Instagram’s new API policy?


    Hi Rob,

    No, I guess this will be the next surprise, for now, it’s probably just the cache issue. Could you please clear the cache, check again and get back to us.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria!
    Cache cleared server and browser side, used two browsers… you can compare what widget is showing for Instagram vs. what live feed is by clicking on “See more!” at the bottom of the feed. They changed the API and aren’t allowing photos to pass through… hence the “forbidden” message.

    I would like to delete the widget (until devs can fix) as soon as you can confirm it’s not an issue on my side. Will leave widget up for now so you guys can see it in action.

    I am guessing others haven’t noticed the problem yet as it looks like it’s working fine… until you notice the photos are from 10 days ago! ha ha



    Hi Rob,

    Oh, believe me, we have many issues with Instagram widget now, but it is of different nature. And due to this news you posted, we will have many more soon. It might be a good idea to hold off on the widget for a while.

    Thank you for sharing by the way.

    Best regards,


    I think it’s due to all the Facebook privacy issues… they are really locking down all their APIs now.

    I will remove the widget from my site until you tell us it is fixed.

    I would suggest a sticky on this forum where users cannot post, ONLY MODS, with a list of known issues for the current release. That would save everyone a lot of time and help us proactively adjust elements of our sites if needed. If users are allowed to post, it will just turn into another huge support thread.




    Amen Rob! Love the idea and I’ve been pushing for this for a long time. The time it would take the mods to do this on the front end…would save them a ton of time on the back end.



    You can use the following plugin temporarily until the issues are fixed.


    Best regards,


    you will fix the issue with the next update?

    Thank you



    Yes, it will be included on the next update.

    Best regards,

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