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    Mayk Senden

    Hi, I don’t have a valid support license (apparently) so I couldn’t post this in the forums. Perhaps you can forward this to the support guys. I don’t have a question but wanted to share an insight with you that may help (a lot of) your customers:

    I use the child theme’s style.css file to change any css (via appearance > editor), not the quick CSS. Often, I would wait for hours or sometimes longer before a change was visible on my web page. I blamed this on caching and tried everything to clear cache, up to contacting my ISP and my hosting provider.

    But it turns out the problem is in how wordpress (or Enfold, not sure) saves the style.css file. When I go to the Enfold Child option immediately after changing the style.css file, change one character (and back) and press the “Save All Changes” button, the earlier changes to the style.css file all show up. In previous cases, it is very possible this happened by accident and I just thought the caches had finally cleared. Obviously, users that use the quick CSS field will not have this issue because they already use the “Save All Changes” button.

    So, when someone doesn’t see any changes after making the css changes you suggest, advise them to go the theme settings, delete and retype a random letter and click “Save All Changes”. I will bet they will be able to see the changes after that.

    Hope this is useful for you,

    Kind regards,
    Mayk Senden


    Hey Mayk,

    Thanks for sharing! :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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