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    When I insert an image directly inside a text block then it is possible to insert it from any url. If an image is inserted by an ‘image’ element from ‘media elements’ it can only be selected from the wordpress media library. Is there a way to do this by specifying a url?


    Hey codiee!

    After you insert the image with the media library button just edit the textblock element again and switch the URL to whatever you need.



    Hi Elliott

    Maybe I’m having a mental blackout… but your answer does not answer my question.
    My problem concerns images that are not in a text block!
    Please have a look at the image (url in private content) and read the red notes.

    Thanks and Regards,



    Correct, there is no option for that. You can do this though,, and edit the URL afterwards in the debug view.

    Best regards,


    Hi and thanks for your approach, but it does not work.
    Even if the url is changed in debug window (and saved of course), the source code view of the page in browser shows, that the changes are not executed… strange behavior! (See image in private content)

    I now found the solution to just paste the code snippet (from browser codeview) that inserts and animates the image into a code block.

    <div class='avia-image-container avia_animated_image avia_animate_when_almost_visible pop-up av-styling- av-hover-grow avia-align-center ' itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="" ><div class='avia-image-container-inner'><img class='avia_image ' src='http://www.example/images/myimage.png' alt='' title='leitbild-2' itemprop="contentURL" /></div></div>

    Best Regards,

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    If it’s not changing after you update then it’s most likely a caching issue. Clear your browser cache and any caching related plugins you might have installed.




    This is not a caching issue.

    This is a result of the way that the posts are created and stored in the posts tables, there is an almost duplicate version of the code that gets displayed from the ALB, but editing the debug window version does not get respected when saving. Nor does it save when using the Default Editor.

    This is a confusing limitation.

    It would be best if there was a field in the layout builder options for an element to select a URL for an image instead of having to choose from the Media Library only.

    That is what should be solved here in a new feature.

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    Hi smartstartinc,

    Thank you for your input. I will forward this request.

    Best regards,

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