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    I would like to have a few pages on a website that have a shorter Main Menu at the top of the page, while still retaining the original larger default Enfold “Main Menu” for all of the other pages. If it helps to get this working, we can make our own content block to insert this 2nd menu and don’t need to use the default Enfold Masthead that includes the logo and original Enfold Main Menu. We can insert our own logo and want to insert a Nav element alongside it. We can handle all CSS position, design and coding for this without any help. But it doesn’t appear that WordPress or your template allows for separate menus that look identical, but have different links and dropdown capabilities for selected sub-pages.

    So in a nutshell:
    1. Enfold Main Menu for most web pages.
    2. Our Main Menu for only a handful of pages.

    We want both menus to look the same, just have different links and sub-heading dropdowns.

    Q. How do we accomplish this?
    Do we do it through a widget insertion, or direct code insertion? I have not seen where we could do this through your interface with conditional PHP includes. We are good coders, but not necessarily WordPress experts. So, I did not readily see a way to do this. Are we hamstrung to only have ONE Main Menu for our site that has the same menu links and dropdowns at the top of web pages. We would like to accomplish this without editing the core PHP files unless we have to. FYI, we have a child theme and I understand we can insert our own PHP and functions, but this makes site updates problematic when you change the core Enfold template like you have done over the past year. We just experienced this with your Masory Gallery and a recent update. We had to rebuild the entire Masonry Gallery because when you launched it, all of the code was not hammered out and finished and your newer version conflicted with your older Masonry Gallery code.

    I have seen your secondary default menu, but it does not look or operate anything like your Main Menu. We do not want this option. It needs to look the same as the default Main Menu.

    Maybe I have overlooked this option and I hope you tell me I have. But, I don’t think I did. This should not be a hard task and wouldn’t be for a conventionally coded website that was built from scratch and didn’t use a CMS framework. For all of the good things that WordPress offers, there is an an equal amount, or more pitfalls using this system if you are a knowledgeable coder and designer.

    Thanks for any input you can offer.



    Try this plugin:

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    Thank you so much. This worked perfectly and was exactly the solution I was hoping for.


    You are welcome Don, glad to help :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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