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    I’m working on trying to get https:// working on a few pages on my theme. The SSL is setup and https:// does show up, but there are many (128) insecure items.

    URL: https://e-sports.org/participant-application/

    I used whynopadlock.com to find the insecure items. They are pretty much all images, except for a few css files.

    My question is, is there a quick way I can secure these items with this theme? Do I have to manually change everything to https? If so would I do that through media manager?

    Thanks for any help!


    Hey Mike!

    Try using this plugin:



    Hi thanks for replying, sorry for getting back late.

    Is there a way to secure just those links without having to set https for the whole site?



    While you could, its actually a SEO boost to https the whole site now so we recommend users use that plugin to take of things in one fell swoop.



    With this plugin, do you know if it’s possible to enable it for one site, but not others? (I’m using miltisite)



    I don’t see why not, you can always enable certain plugins for certain Sites only.




    So I was able to activate the force https plugin on just the site I need it to, but I’m still getting insecure pages. You can check out the homepage here: http://e-sports.org. It looks like the links to images and CSS are still http://.

    Is there a way to tell the theme to pull everything https? Or any other solutions I’m missing? Seems like there should be a way to use this theme to secure pages? Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use this theme for donations, ecommerce, or passing of any kind of sensitive information?





    I recommend to use WP MigrateDB or WP MigrateDB PRO to batch replace the urls in the database. Use the “domain replacement” feature to replace all occurrences of http://e-sports.org with https://e-sports.org in your database and then export the database sql file. Afterwards make a backup of your old database, delete the database data/tables and import the database file you exported with the migrate plugin.



    Hi, thanks for the reply. Do you know if it’s possible with that plugin to isolate certain tables? I only have SSL installed on the root domain and not the subsites (not a wild card SSL cert), so I don’t want to replace http with https for the subsites.


    Hi again,

    OK so actually I just tried a different WordPress HTTPS plugin and it seems to have fixed things:


    The plugn said specifically that it cleans up those insecure resource links, so viola I guess. Thanks for all the help, glad I didn’t have to get messy with the database lol.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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