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    Joel Oliveira

    Hi guys

    i work in a project called Apis Technology ( where we are developing digital tools for beekeepers around the world. We are currently still in development phase but we hope to enter the market soon.
    We are from Portugal (south of europe) and last year we had a lot of huge forest fires, due to some harsh weather conditions (very dry and high temperatures). One of the consequences of these forest fires is that a lot of beehives are destroyed as well as the food for bees.
    We are working on a fundraising campaign where we will invite general public to adopt a beehive and provide funds to re-seed mountains. This is a not for profit project and where we making some effort to make some good, basically to restore our forests.
    We do not have a lot of funds and we like Kriesi products. We would like to ask if you can sponsor one enfold license for this project. We would show you as one of the sponsors of the project accross our network.
    We are planning to achieve national (portuguese) coverage.

    Best regards


    Hey Joel Oliveira,

    I’m not sure if we can do that, could you provide us with some information about your organisation first please?

    Best regards,

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