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    Hi guys!
    Need to change logo minimum size when header shrink at scrolling.
    Would you help me please?



    You want to have a different ratio than 1/2 – then look for having a child theme solution :
    read the whole topic – but the two values to insert to the avia-sticky-header-script.js could be determined by:
    example on that page is start on 100px – after shrinking the header-height should be: 40px …
    PS: in the meantime ( enfold 5.4.1) it is line 78 and 91 to change

    if you want to preserve the 1/2 ratio but only want to have a different logo height – you can set a different calculation on the same js – file on the line:

    logo.css({'maxHeight': newH + 'px'});
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    Hi enfold,

    I’m glad that Guenni007 could help you :)
    Just let us know if you still need further assistance.

    thanks for helping out :)

    Best regards,


    By the way for others that will come via search function to this topic :
    This is obsolete now – we have on header – header behavior now a “Shrinking Amount” Setting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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