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    I want to use enfold with a fixed header, but without social links etc. So I have to go with small, fixed header… how can I increase the size of header in generall and logo as well and add some padding to the top and bottom?

    regards chris


    no idea? when i add space via css, some content get’s overlapped…. :(



    You can use the fixed header with social icons and navigations. Just add this on your custom.css to remove the top part.

    #header_meta {
    display: none;




    thanks fpr your reply. I tried that. the size of logo and header is good that way. unfortunately, when removing the meta part via css, the logo and menu items, slide up and the hovering line and active line under menu item is not at the bottom of the header.

    any idea how to solve this?



    Use the large header and take out the social icons, which is easier than the other way around.

    Please open header.php and put two forward slashes // on line 104 which will look like this

    //if(strpos($headerS,'bottom_nav_header') === false) avia_social_media_icons($social_args);

    and put the same two forward slashes in front of line 149 to make it look like this

    //if(strpos($headerS,'social_header') !== false && strpos($headerS,'bottom_nav_header') !== false) avia_social_media_icons($social_args);




    Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. I achieved this by choosing the above mentioned menu and leaving the field blanc…



    Glad it is fixed. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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