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    In the past I asked about incorrect section order in rtl mobile display:

    You gave this solution:

    But in updated version – it’s not working any more…


    Hey yudkoren,

    Please post a link to your site.

    Best regards,


    Attached links



    I don’t see the custom script anywhere in the page. Did you remove it? Please post the login details here so that we can check the functions.php file.

    Best regards,


    Custom script switched not only right and left but also first and last.
    I removed it and now it’s only right and left switched.

    Login attached



    Where did you add the “rtl_columns_fix” script? We may break the site if we add duplicate functions.

    Best regards,


    As I wrote, I removed the script because it switched not only right and left but also first and last.
    But now it is back.
    In functions.php

    Please help


    I have this site that is RTL and the mobile order is LTR
    How can we fix it, i also tried and insert the code into the function and it disrupt the order and gave me the upside from bottom to top site.



    Please update the code:

    function rtl_columns_fix(){
        var resizeTimeout, sortedReverse = false;
        $(window).resize(function () {
            if (resizeTimeout) {
            resizeTimeout = window.setTimeout(function () {
                var windowWidth = window.innerWidth;
                if ((windowWidth < 767 && !sortedReverse) || (windowWidth >= 767 && sortedReverse)) {
                    var rtlContainer = $('.entry-content-wrapper'),
    					rtlColsOdd   = rtlContainer.children('.flex_column:odd').not('.av_one_full'),
    					rtlColsEven  = rtlContainer.children('.flex_column:even').not('.av_one_full'),
    					cols		 = [];
    				cols = $.map(rtlColsOdd, function(v, i) { return [v, rtlColsEven[i]]; });
                    sortedReverse = !sortedReverse;
            }, 100);
    if(is_rtl()) {
    	add_action('wp_footer', 'rtl_columns_fix');

    NOTE: This is only going to work on two column layouts.

    Best regards,


    it didn’t solve the problem.
    It still switching left-right and first-last




    You placed the code in the style.css file instead of the functions.php file. Please check it now.

    Best regards,


    Working great.

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