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    I imported the dummy data after which I do get some data imported but I don’t think its complete, for example, the menu items are added but not all the items shown in the theme preview are added. For example, I don’t get any sub-items for “Shortcodes” and many menu items are missing “Shop”.

    When I imported the dummy data, it did show the success message though.

    What am I missing?


    Hi devraj15,

    The Shop will only get imported if you have WooCommerce installed and active.

    The dummy data is also not an exact copy of the theme demo but instead a simple framework that has examples of just about everything without creating lots of duplicate data.

    For instance the shortcodes have their own pop up editor so editing them within a demo page would encourage an incorrect way of modifying the data.

    If you have not already make sure to take a look at the videos we have here: . Specifically the Advanced Layout Editor videos go over the basics of working with the theme and creating page content.





    Yep, thanks for the reply :)

    Is it possible to add new font styles for the heading and body text? For example, if I want to use some other Google font for the body text than the already given ones, could I somehow do that?



    You can use this plugin:

    Or you can manually edit includes > admin > register-admin-options.php.

    Check lines 204-308. You can your own google heading font after this code:


    and the default body text after




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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