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    What is the best way to copy/import the theme settings when switching to a child theme?

    Right now I’m using Enfold, but like to make some modifications through a Enfold child theme. When activating my new Enfold child theme all my theme options are gone. I’ve tried exporting/importing Avia Framework content, but that don’t work.



    Hi wvanderzee,

    I’m not really sure. I tagged Kriesi to see if he has any insight but with the theme options tied to the theme name I typically just re-do all my settings by hand in a situation like that.




    Ok, thanks for that. I’ll wait for any suggestions of Kriesi.


    Unfortunately we have no converting tool yet and the only solution is to modify the data directly in the database with tools like phpmyadmin. Access the wordpress database and click on the “wp_options” table. Then search for the data field with the “option_name” value “avia_options_enfold” and replace “enfold” with your child theme name. If the child theme name is “Enfold Child theme” the new “option_name” would be “avia_options_enfold_child_theme”.


    Hey! Next theme update will add a parent theme settings import button. If you can wait that long this will be the easiest way to copy the settings of the theme options page :)

    If you need it fast then its probably easiest if you re-create the settings.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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