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    I installed the Dark Photography Demo. It’s nice save for very few options for pre-built page layouts.

    If I create new page and then go to Templates there are no templates to load.

    How to I view a library of pay layout templates and import a few?


    Hey kurson,

    I’m not sure what you are asking, do you mean templates in the layout builder or in the WordPress options? What exactly are you looking to import?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard.

    Not to name drop but if I want to create a new page in DIVI or Avada I can create a new page than there is an option for each software to build from a re-existing, pre-developed layout.

    Dark Photography comes packaged with a few page layouts. It has a home page, about page, contact page and blog.

    I want to develop a Services page. I start with a blank canvas for my page. I’d like to SELECT from an established layout from a library provided from ENFOLD.

    Note: I’m not trying to import a whole second demo, I want to import an individual page for a new page.

    I looked for templates here but they don’t exist to build up new pages from: https://www.screencast.com/t/6n5PHejSZ3e

    Please advise.



    Thanks for the clarification. If you want to import or re-use certain pages from a demo then you can enable debug mode in order to see builder shortcodes: https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/intro-to-advanced-layout-builder/#debug-mode, you can then copy the shortcodes to a new page.

    You can also save the page as a template in the top right hand corner of the builder, then load that template into your new page.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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