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    I got 1.7.0 ok with import data but unfortunatly, the 1.7.1, does not import any images.

    I have the library empty… no images show up on the site

    I uploaded all manually via FTP & reclicked import dummy data (duplicated menu that i deleted & reimported again)

    But even with files on FTP, nothing show up.

    Thanks (& the video link of your documentation => 404 HTTP) Need to update it too.



    & the import dummy data is quite different than the demo on themeforest. Somekind bad.



    Thank – I’ll ask Kriesi to update the documentation. The images on the demo website are stock images and we’re not allowed to distribute them with our theme files (eg as dummy content).

    Best regards,



    Ok thanks but :

    Difference are not only about images but presentation too, but anyway it’s ok for me.

    Could you answer me about the pb to import dummy data about images missing at all on 1.7.1 ?


    Hi DigitalMedia,

    Unfortunately I’m not sure what could cause the import not to work. Its just xml data saved down to allow for easy import.

    If you have any plugins or drop ins installed you can try disabling them and importing again as well as making your wp-contents folder has the appropriate chmod permissions:




    Ok, thank you


    Let us know if you do find the root cause for it. I think I’ve only ever heard of the dummy data getting partially imported once or twice before but not consistently.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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