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    on my web site I’m not able to load images anymore! Niether the preview of images are not showing.
    The space and permissions are fixed right. I’m really getting creazy. PLease help
    Thank you


    Hi htsgroup1,

    Thanks for giving us admin and FTP access.
    It seems you are using an outdated version of Enfold and WP.
    Can you set up a staging site for us? so we can try to update both Enfold and WP to the latest version and see if it helps fixing the issue.
    Here’s a simple tutorial you can follow:

    Best regards,


    Here it is

    Same credentials
    Thank you


    Any updates?


    Hi htsgroup1,

    Thanks for providing a staging site.
    It’s actually working properly on the staging site (without updating) however it’s the opposite on the live site.
    I tried to create a 2021 folder inside uploads (since it’s not creating the folder) then 04 folder inside 2021 but it still does not work.
    Error_log and web console does not seem to show any error related to this.
    Can you try to switch to a default theme and try to upload? if it still does not show up, please try contacting your hosting provider.

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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