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    I’ve just finished designing my site with your beautiful Enfold theme, but I’m encountering some problems. The first one I’m gonna address here is about the integration with Yoast’s xml sitemaps. The problem is that not all the images I’m using across my site are being correctly reported in the sitemap.

    I can see this problem has been already talked about in this forum, and some solutions have been proposed, as I can see in this thread Previous code

    Now, I have pasted the code from the above thread in my functions php, and I can see it’s partially working, as the image count has definitely increased in the sitemap… But that’s still not perfect, there are a lot of images that are not being counted, and some pages still show no images at all.

    I think the code integrates images from masonry and similar stuff, but there are still other images not included, like those from the layerslider, or background images (background in color sections, or custom added in code-blocks by “background-image” property).

    Can you help me edit the code above so to add these missing images?

    Thank you.

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    any help ?
    Please let me know!
    Enfold is a great theme, and it’s pity not to be able of taking its full potential.


    Hi Gabboh,

    Did you add all the functions to your website?

    Best regards,


    I added all the functions in the following link Kriesi forum thread about images in yoast sitemaps

    there are two code blocks in the above thread, and I copied both in my functions php. These functions are actually working for many images but the sitemap is still missing background images from color sections and from custom code in code blocks.
    …And some of my pages only have these images, so the sitemap is showing zero images for those pages.

    Sorry for my english, please help me!


    … for example, yoast sitemap counts 6 images on my home page… you can see there are actually 6 images next to the text descriptions, but all those other images in the background and on the layerslider are not being counted!!



    I’m not sure exactly how Yoast works, you would have to check their documentation or reach out to their support to know for sure. But background images are not content elements, they are design elements added via CSS, and I doubt that Yoast SEO would count images which are not actually part of your content.

    Best regards,

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