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    I recently upgraded to the newest version of WordPress and Woocommerce. I noticed two problems:
    1. No images are showing up in the shop pages. They ARE showing in the product pages.
    2. Only a few products are showing on the shop page. For instance, one category is showing “1 of 247 pages” and the dropdown selected says “Display 15 products per page” – but only 3 products are showing. When I increase it to 30, 6 show. And when I increase it to 45, 10 show.

    I should mention that after I discovered this problem, I updated to the most recent version of Enfold and that didn’t help.

    Wordpress 5.4.2
    Woocommerce 4.2.0
    Enfold 4.7.5
    PHP 7.3.19

    Any help would be appreciated to fix either or both of these problems. Thank you.

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    Hey jpoley04,

    Where can we see and reproduce the problem you are having?

    Best regards,


    I’ve attached details in the private content. Thank you!


    Hi, any update?


    Hi jpoley04,

    Please update the header.php file in the child theme with a fresh copy and make your changes in it again and see if the issue gets resolved.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Victoria,

    As you recommended, I replaced my child theme’s header.php with a fresh one from Enfold’s latest version. But I don’t see any changes (tried a hard refresh and different browser).

    As far as no images showing, I don’t have specific images. Just trying to get the default image to load. It’s loading in product pages but not loading in the shop (or browsing) pages.


    Hi jpoley04,

    The default image loads on the single product image page, it does not load in the grid. You need to add images to products, then they will show in the grid.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Victoria,

    Any help with getting the correct # of products to load into the grid? That’s still not loading correctly even after the header.php update.


    Also, the default image loads in the grid when I switch to the WordPress twentytwenty theme. So is it Enfold that has chosen not to allow default images from loading in the grid? Seems odd to me.


    Hi jpoley04,

    I will report the issue to our devs. I can see the same default image behavior on my end.

    Best regards,


    Hi jpoley04,

    I will report the issue to our devs. I can see the same default image behavior on my end.

    Best regards,


    Yes, I got them to show on the first page of the grid. (I went to appearance > customize > woocommerce > product catalog and changed “shop page display” and “category display” to “show (sub)categories & products”)

    But if you load the next page on the grid, they go back to not displaying.

    They display on all pages when you load the default WordPress twentywenty theme.

    So it looks like Enfold does display default images in the grid. But figuring out why it’s showing on the initial grid page and none of the successive ones is a problem for me right now.


    Hi jpoley04,

    It shows default images for the category grid but not for the product grid. Our devs will have to look at this. Thank you for pointing this out.

    Best regards,



    Please update the file /config-woocommerce/config.php
    with this:

    As for the filter, please deactivate all plugins one by one to check which one is causing this issue and let us know if this solves the problem.


    That worked to restore the default images to the grid. Thank you!

    As far as the grid showing random numbers of items, it’s happening to me even in WordPress’s twentytwenty theme. So I’ll follow up with Woocommerce’s technical support for that issue.




    Did you need additional help with this topic or shall we close?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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