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    I am having issues with my website in IE8. I am using a background image in the header and it doesn’t show up in IE8. I am also using images in the AJAX portfolio, when you open the portfolio item the images appear for a second but then disappear, again this is in IE8 only. Thanks


    Hi fonterra!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    I checked the site on IE8 emulation and the header image looks fine. Also, the ajax portfolio images do not disappear. Please try to turn off the IE compatibility mode. I zoomed this image out to show the portfolio ajax below the header:


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    Thank you for the screenshot.

    IE11’s legacy browser emulation is quite accurate but I don’t see the described issue. Did you enabled compatibility mode of IE8? Try to disable it. Allow me to elaborate on this topic a bit more.

    Internet Explorer 8 was released on March 19, 2009 and was originally intended for use on Windows XP, which was first released to computer manufacturers on August 24, 2001. As of September 2013, estimates of Internet Explorer 8’s global market share ranged from 6.93% to 8.73% (these statistics have continued to drop of precipitously with each consecutive month).

    Keep in mind that this is not all Internet Explorer usage, simply Internet Explorer 8 usage. Internet Explorer 8 is now a five year old piece of software, which in web development terms means that it is very old. The only reason that this browser has remained around as long as it has is due to the fact that Windows XP was a mainstay in the PC ecosystem (which you mentioned above), particularly for businesses.

    As you can see from the information provided above, Windows XP is a thirteen year old piece of software and has ultimately become a problematic factor in the industry as it has greatly hindered further development and implementation of new technologies. Because of this, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. With the ending of support for XP, users are essentially going to be forced into having to upgrade their operating systems to receive assistance, security updates, et cetera. Upon upgrading to these newer systems, users will need to also update their browser to a newer version.

    Now that Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 11, this also means that Internet Explorer 8 is three versions old, and more and more users are abandoning this old platform for the newest offerings put in place by Microsoft. Because of all of this, many providers have already dropped Internet Explorer 8 support for their services (i.e. Google), and Envato (the parent company over ThemeForest) no longer requires Internet Explorer 8 support from their themes due to all of the statistics and information previously mentioned. This is because the amount of time invested in fixing the numerous problematic issues presented by this legacy browser are typically not worth the returns from the increasingly small proportion of users who are utilizing Internet Explorer 8.


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