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    Hi there,

    We’re very close to launching a new site for our client but part of our last minute testing has thrown up multiple issues with IE9.

    1. An on-page image doesn’t display if it has an animation applied to it.
    2. Post Sliders don’t appear.
    3. Featured Image Sliders don’t appear.
    4. The Google Map doesn’t appear.
    5. Icon animations in an ‘Icon List’ don’t happen so the icon never appears.

    All of the above just show en empty white space where the images/icons should be.

    Our client is using IE9 in-house due to the company policy so if we show them the site as it is now they’re going to get a big and unwelcome surprise. I have included a private link to the development server. Please can you offer some solutions?



    Almost 24 hours since I posted this and I haven’t had a reply – can someone have a look at this please?

    I have tried disabling all plug-ins, removed our child theme CSS and all these issues still exist in IE9.

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    IE9 do not support most of the modern features like animations and other effects which were designed for the modern browsers. To be frank IE9 is not supported by Microsoft it self now. We recommend our users to upgrade their browser to latest versions.



    Not good enough. Your compatibility list shows IE9 and this company all have IE9 in-house as part of company-wide updates policy. They can’t upgrade. At least have a look at the issues I’ve mentioned.


    I’ve narrowed it down to an IE9 bug with Javascript which fixes itself if you enable Developer Tools once, then refresh, and everything then works.

    A Google search on this suggests its to do with debugging and use of the console, which eariler versions of IE don’t have. The call to the console seems to disrupt Javascript as the console doesn’t exist (returning undefined) until you enable Developer Tools, then the console is enabled, and everything works as it should. See this link:


    Do you have any ideas on a fix for this? I have found quite a few references to the console in your code.

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    Well, we’ve fixed the problem on our own, so thanks for your complete lack of support. If you want to know how to fix it and make it completely compatible with IE9 in seconds with a few lines of added code then I’ll let you know.



    We are more than happy to help you with any issue related with enfold. but honestly IE9 don’t support many of the features that modern browsers do.

    I’m sorry you felt that we did not support you but if you like to confirm the features supported by IE9 please check out this link http://caniuse.com/#compare=ie+9,ie+10


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    Yes, I know that and as a developer I thoroughly hate IE9 but you claim Enfold is entirely compatible with IE9 on the theme page when this isn’t true.


    My client had a specific IE9 compatibility request. Some businesses have a company-wide software policy that means their staff can’t upgrade their software until the whole company decides to. Saying that a user should just upgrade their browser as a fix is incredibly poor custome service.

    I will seriously think twice about using Enfold again because of your ‘Support’ attitude.



    We really sorry you feel like that.
    ALthough we understand where u stand from, we already also are part of tha community that helps web, go forward.

    Both me and Vinney have forward the issue to Kreisi to fix the compatibility sayings

    Again, we are thankful for using Enfld


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