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    Hi there,
    I wonder if there is a possibility to place an fullscreen image or fullscreen slider on top of a parent page.
    For instance I’d like to have the same image for one page and its subpages (while i use a sidebar on the left for submenu purposes).
    I just like the idea of always loading the image when I navigate to a sub element.

    What I am looking for is something like a container with an image – below the header – but for specific (parent) pages only.
    If this is not possible with Enfold can you suggest a plug-in that would do that?

    On the other hand: would it make sense if I used a secondary menu instead of a sidebar menu?

    thanks for all your help and ideas.
    my best regards


    Hey aovivo!

    I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand what your trying to do. Can you send us a link to your page and take a screenshot highlighting your intentions?



    Sure, please check the following link.

    what I am basically trying to do, is that the red framed image slider should stay there while i navigate through the menu elements in the left sidebar.

    what I am basically doing right now is to place that image slider (full width) on every page/subpage of the left sidebar. thats why i loads every time.
    my question is: since I am using the same image for all pages, is there another solution to put the slider lets say basically on all sidebar pages instead of having it loaded on every single page?

    or is this simply not possible?
    hope I could explain…
    my best regards



    It would be best to just add the slider to the pages individually. There may come a time where you want to change it for a certain page or create a different set with a different image.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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