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    I’m trying to place three images side by side and have each one open it’s own lightbox gallery. I can come close by creating three 1/3 columns and putting a gallery in each, but I want them to go full width and have no gaps between them.

    I can also create a masonry gallery with 3 images – this gets them displaying how I want but when you open them in a lightbox, they’re treated as a single gallery rather than three separate ones.

    It sounds simple but I can’t seem to find any way within Enfold or any plugins which will do it for me!


    Hey ACJJ619,

    Please post a link to where we can see the elements in question, also please provide us with a screenshot highlighting your intentions.

    Best regards,


    you can insert instead of a lightbox a manually link : create your 3 images besides in a photo program and upload that (or make a screenshot of the gallery and upload that to your server) give each of the three images that manually link!

    Enfold recognises the image and if modal is activated (it is on default) it opens those links as lightbox aswell.



    Thank you for the suggestion Guenni007

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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