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    We’re working on a new website for a client, we’re using the Enfold theme.

    The theme allows us to add text to an image which displays on mouse hover (deskop). When the image is clicked, it directs to the relevant page. This is all working fine and dandy on desktop.

    On mobile, this feature reacts differently on different devices….

    On iPhone, the user taps once on the image to view the text and then a second tap on the same image directs the user to the page link. This is how we want it to work on all devices. But on Android devices, one tap on the image and the text appears for a second before it automatically directs the user to the next page. Can you help me so that it reacts on Android like it does on iPhone?


    Hey Daryn,

    On Android – which browser has that behavour, can u tell us?

    Best regards,



    Chrome and Firefox. The issue seems to be specific to Android devices.

    On iPhone, it works as described in my original post on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.




    Please allow us some time for our developers to take a look into the issue so we can also evaluate it
    and we will report back to you.
    it is strange and we need to review it.

    Best regards,


    Any progress on this one?



    Please add this script in the functions.php file.

    function ava_custom_script_fix(){
    	$('.avia-image-container-inner a').on('touchstart', function (e) {
    	    'use strict';
    	    var link = $(this);
    	    if (link.hasClass('hover')) {
    	        return true;
    	    } else {
    	        $('.avia-image-container-inner a').not(this).removeClass('hover');
    	        return false; 
    add_action('wp_footer', 'ava_custom_script_fix');

    And then insert the following css code in the Quick CSS field.

    .avia-image-container-inner .hover .av-image-caption-overlay {
        opacity: 1;
        filter: alpha(opacity=100);

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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