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    Hey guys,

    I have an image 480px wide that when clicked, I want it to be full-size in the light box. Inside the editor, I adjusted the scaling down to 60% and it looks great within the editor. When I view the page, it is still 480 px wide and pushed everything below it. Is this a bug?

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    I have checked your “Prototype Development” page and it seems like you have already figured it out! Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


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    When you go to insert the image into the text area don’t select the fullsize image from the Size dropdown. Instead, select the image size you want to show in the front end of your site. The theme auto scales images to 100% of their actual width for the responsive functionality and so if you have an image that is being constrained by inline width/height the theme overrides it.

    The “Media File” option for the Link to dropdown will still allow you to link to the full size image even when adding the smaller actual image size.



    Hi Devin,

    I think I have had the same problem, though the posts are private so hard to be sure. If you’d like me to start a new thread please let me know.

    Here’s the issue:
    All the images that were put into my posts in the text box, and then scaled down using the % feature suddenly appeared as 100% images on the front end of the site, even though in Editing mode they appeared scaled as I originally had them.

    First, I tried re-uploading pictures and rescaling them with the % feature, and again the images appeared as I wanted them in the editor but were at 100% on the front end.

    To fix the problem I used the automatic scaler that you discuss in the reply above and that worked for a couple of my images where the pre-selected sizes worked. However, many of the images I uploaded did not conform to the pre-selected sizes and the only option I had to return my site to normal looking was to manually resize the images in the media editor.

    To sum, it seems the % scale feature (for images in a post) works in the editor but fails to appear scaled in view mode. Although I have fixed the images as I discussed above these were two pages where I had problems: and

    Thanks. I appreciate the help.




    Yes, that is correct. The images defined width will get ignored because the theme is adjusting them to work for all the various screen sizes (100% width).

    So if you want your image to have a constrained size it should be in either a column or just the actual width natively and not scaled down.


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