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    On this page, below the 4 blog posts i have a 5 cell-row with 5 pictures. When i upload an image at 720×405 its displayed correctly but its too small for a fullHD Phone. So i uploaded a new image at 1920X1080.(the first one out of five) This one is displayed very nice on a fullHD Phone but on the PC in IE11 the image doesn’t look sharp.
    because the image on my screen is displayed at 335px x 189px I tried this:

    function avia_change_image_size_array() {
    global $avia_config;
    $avia_config['imgSize']['page'] = array('width'=>335, 'height'=>189);
    add_action( 'init', 'avia_change_image_size_array');

    and uploaded another 1920×1080 image but it did’nt work.
    Is there a solution so i can use 1920X1080 images that look sharp when the become down scaled?


    Hey Dutchman!

    I checked in IE11 on Windows 10 but they look the same to me as in the other browsers. Right now they are displaying in their full dimensions, no thumbnail, so I recommend cropping them or scaling them down so their file size is not so large.

    Make sure your not in compatibility view and that your zoom setting is set to 100%. If that does not help then take a screenshot of what your seeing so we can get a better idea.



    Hi Elliott! No compatibility view and 100% in IE11 in 1920X1080. Screenshot:



    I don’t know, I’m guessing Chrome has some kind of image smoothing effect it uses when rendering images. You’ll notice if you hover over the image you’ll get the sharpness as well though.

    It would be best to solve the root of the problem and crop / scale the images down before uploading to your site. As they are now it’s going to use up your bandwidth quickly and take a long time for the users to download them.



    Thanks Elliott for the advise!



    Have you managed to complete it here?

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis, i replaced the 1920×1080 image with a 1280X720: Better but still to big. It looks ok on a mobile but on my pc screen it looks a bit crappy. When i resize the IE11 screen <767 its responsiveness makes it bigger and then it looks perfect.

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    you screenshot does not work for me anymore:

    Can you show us what’s going on please? I checked your website and it seems to be fine for me. Could you fix it already? Make sure to use newest theme version (Enfold v3.4.1.).



    Hi Andy, Screenshot: (look at the edge of the boat)
    I’m using version 3.4.1. The problem is that as soon as i use a big picture for 1 of the 5 cell row containers ( it looks like its too sharp on a pc screen (1920×1080) but perfect on a mobile. In the screenshot you’ll see what i mean. If i go smaller its a little better (1280×720) and container-size-small is better. Big pictures inside a small container don’t look good on a pc and perfect on a mobile. Small pictures are looking good on a pc but they don’t look good on a mobile.



    what do you mean with “too sharp”? why should a sharp picture look bad on mobile while it looks good on a much bigger screen size (desktop)? does not make sense to me. Please check on different devices and don’t forget to clear browser cache and hard refresh afterwards. Make sure to clear cache of any caching plugin as well. Deactivate all plugins while testing.



    Hi Andy! Did you have a look at my screenshot? The resolutions displayed below the images are the upload-resolutions. All of them are displayed in a small container on a pc. On a mobile that container is displayed much bigger. As soon as i use the 1920×1080 image the image looks like picture 1 in the screenshot (like its too sharp) So a big high quality image displayed in a small container doesn’t look good. As soon as i replace it with a smaller image the quality goes up (image 2 and smaller, image 3)
    but never mind, you can close this case.

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