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    For the blog post, when I add an image as a featured image, it doesn’t return to the blog setup and instead it just blanks.

    It does however add the featured image, when I “back” on the window.

    Thanks much.



    Hi Andy,

    Can you give the exact steps so I can try re-creating it? Just adding a featured image I wasn’t able to get the same result.





    The steps.

    1. Click on create a page

    2. Add featured image

    3. clicked on use image

    4. submit

    5. it goes blank

    and then it goes into a blank page.



    Hi, I can’t reproduce the issue.

    Maybe a third party plugin/extension triggers a js error on the admin page?

    Best regards,



    hmmmm…. I think it’s my mistake.

    1. I go into the blog post.

    2. and used the add image into post.

    Thats why it went blank. But “use image as featured” is fine.

    I can add image into post the other way.

    I’m okay with this.

    Thanks much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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