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    I just migrated the site from one host to another – everything is working except the following components: Image Gallery, Fullwidth Easy Slider, Easy Slider, and Portfolio Grid.

    I have tried deleting the component, updating the page, then adding it back in. The components are in the Advanced editor but don’t show on the page.

    It seems like the components cannot save the selected images from the media library.


    The components render on the page without an image source

    <li class="slide-2 slide-id-815" data-img-url="">
    <div class="avia-slide-wrap" data-rel="slideshow-1">
    <img alt="" title="IMG_0562" src="" />

    Here is the shortcode exceprt from the database:

    [av_slideshow size='no scaling' animation='slide' autoplay='false' interval='5']
    [av_slide id='827' title='' link='' link_target=''][/av_slide]
    [av_slide id='815' title='' link='' link_target=''][/av_slide]
    [av_slide id='816' title='' link='' link_target=''][/av_slide]
    [av_slide id='801' title='' link='' link_target=''][/av_slide]

    What could cause the components not to store the image source


    I deactivated all plugins… still nothing.


    I have increased wordpress memory…



    Did you transfer the wp-content/uploads folder to the new installation?




    Yes. the images are there. I can see them when I open the media library. But when I pick images, or add them to a gallery, my selections do not save. The sliders work, but the photo items do not show. As you can see from the code – the file URL doesnt even show. Its not a broken link – its an empty URL eg



    Can you please give us a link to the website? Note that Enfold works on wp version 3.5 or higher.




    Here you go: see the missing images on these pages:

    and the Portfolio Grid – halfway down on the home page:

    Thanks for taking a closer look. I’m using WO 3.5.2 and Multisite – it was working fine.

    Do you need backend access? what email should I user to send the user account info?


    Please help – the site is live, and this image issue is a problem.



    Maybe the attachment ids changed somehow. Please check if the attachment ids exist in the database (827, 815, 816, etc.).



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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