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    I wonder if anyone can help with my problem. I’m a photographer and using the gallery to show my photos.

    My problem is that some of my photos have a panoramic crop which is wider than the size I have made the gallery. Of course WordPress crops this. It can be viewed correctly once it is opened in lightbox. Is there a way to get WordPress not to crop the image so it shows white top and bottom in the gallery (showing all the image).

    If this is possible does it then mess up the rest of the theme making all images full and not cropped?

    The reason I want to do this is that some clients will not click into the lightbox so will not know the true image look.

    The gallery as it is now:

    Option to have images show their real look without cropping:

    If its not an option then I guess I have to just upload the images with white at top and bottom so it will show in the gallery as the image should be but then it will also show the extra white in the lightbox.

    Hope this makes sense lol



    Please add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS

    .avia-gallery-big.fakeLightbox.lightbox {
    height: 518px !important;
    padding-top: 10px !important;

    Please remove browser cache then reload the page. Check:

    You got a nice collection of photographs there. Excellent job! :)




    Thanks I try to do my best with photography :-)

    Your CSS works :-) but is there a way to have the photo centered vertically? At the moment its at the top.


    Just tried a few things out and noticed your CSS messes up the responsiveness of the gallery. :-(

    It fixes the height and when the browser size is made smaller it has white under the image. I’m guessing I cant do what I want sadly? I need it to be responsive showing the whole image centered in the gallery window….

    Any ideas or an I trying to do something that cant really be done lol


    I tried

    /*gallery full image: */

    .avia-gallery-big.fakeLightbox.lightbox {

    vertical-align: middle !important;


    Cant seem to align an image vertically?


    Opps the new link is

    The test image is the beach photo, image number 2


    Any ideas how to center images that don’t fit the gallery in the middle (vertical and horizontal)?


    I have a similar request. How could I align the image on the bottom instead of centering?


    Not sure if this post has been missed?

    Could you help me with the gallery? I have mentioned this on the forum but only one person has gotten back to me and the answer didn’t help. Normally the forum has answered all my questions and I’m wondering if this problem is hard to find a solution for?

    I am a photographer and some of my images are not the same dimensions of my gallery format. I need the gallery to show the whole image (not cropping) with the image centered vertical and horizontally. This is mainly because not all clients will click to view in the lightbox and because of this will not see the correct representation of the image in the gallery. I also need to keep the responsiveness of the gallery and not break anything in the rest of the theme doing this.

    I feel like saying I want it to make me a cup of tea for me also lol

    You can see the problem here:

    Some of the crops are really bad and don’t show faces.

    Is this possible?


    Hi artistic24459,

    Our queue system goes by oldest posted item within a topic to newest. So each time you self respond it pushes your topic to the end of our queue.

    WordPress image cropping is a core function of WordPress and it isn’t something we can change.

    If you need exact control over how your images are cropped you’ll need to connect via FTP to your server and download the thumbnail file that wordpress creates for each image and then re-save it locally to the crop you want.

    This is a very common problem with photographers who use WordPress because it doesn’t give you the control to crop your own photos in the way you want because its all automatic.




    Ok, thanks for the answer and explaining how the forum works. Maybe I should remember everything first so I post just one entry lol

    I understand changing via FTP which is no problem. Is there a plugin at all which helps with this?

    Also is there a way of the Enfold gallery having the images centered and not aligned in the top left-hand corner?



    I think this plugin might be able to do what you are looking for:

    Best regards,



    I have a few mins to check the plugin. I have also found this one

    I will try them out tomorrow and let you know. The only other way is to set all the images at the same size with white top and bottom or left or right. This would work in the gallery but then look odd when the image is opened in lightbox as you would still get the white showing.

    Is there then a way to have lightbox open a different image, Im guess not….?

    I have some images showing what I mean.

    Kind regards



    The plugin worked great.

    You can do both options. Import the image with white either side then use the plugin to crop for the large image in lightbox or the other way round. Upload the standard image without white and crop in the image for the gallery.

    Thanks for the help!!! :-)



    Great, thanks for the follow up :)

    Will close this thread for now :)



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