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    Please some help with making a image show in the color section. I have this isseus on several sites, but this one is more urgent.
    Vervry, very sometimes the image shows, but when I make changes it disappear again.
    And somtimes it will show after some hours. But its unstable. Since I’ve spent many hours on seaching for a selution I would very much need your help.
    Yes, I’ve cleaned caches many times!

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    Hey Els,

    The background image in the first section on the page you linked to is working fine on my end, could you give us instructions on how to reproduce the problem you are seeing on your end please?

    Best regards,


    Top of the homepage there should be an image below the text ‘Zorg voor iedereen’. I just cant see it on all of my devices and browser.


    I just found out that in a private browser I do see the image. Strange isn’t it?
    Even that I clean cache all the time.


    Now empty again…. Mystery.



    Thanks for that, but I can’t reproduce the problem on my end. I’ve checked in 3 different browser and using private windows.

    Best regards,


    Happy that you couldn’t find anything. Sometimes I experience some delays with updates this site.
    No idea why. It’s irritating.
    Thanks for your help and checks.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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