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    Could you please take a look at my page: LINK

    As you may see, there is a logo (Fortis) in the page, and I want to make it vertically centered.
    (FYI: I made this part of the page from 2 columns: the right one contains 4 text elements, and the left one (which the logo is inside) contains just one image element and I don’t know how to center this vertically)

    Thanks in advance :)


    Hi Sadegh!

    Please edit your column on the left and choose to display the same height and middle align them



    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks. It worked.
    But you might see although the logo is now centered, but the whole columns positions changed!
    I mean the left one is now at right side and the right column is now at the left side.

    Actually it is my problem with RTL style of Enfold.



    Is it possible for you to drag the left column to right or just shift the content of left column to the right and vise versa ?

    Best regards,


    Of course it is possible :)
    Don’t get this wrong :) but don’t you think it is not what we are expected from Enfold as a RTL supported theme? When do you think these page-builder bugs could be fixed in RTL mode?



    There are lots enfold rtl users but as far as I know you’re the only one who raised this issue or feature request. I don’t know of any theme with an rtl user interface for the advance layout builder, if you do find a theme which supports rtl builder, please let us know. For now, we are sorry for the inconvenience that the builder may have brought you. You can request for that feature here:

    Best regards,


    here a page builder which supports RTL (as you requested for):
    Themify (Link)

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    Yes themify did actually pushed that on a request.
    Supporting the RTL to the builder would mean a lot of work as a new feature.
    Please do create that feature request and we will do consider it.

    Thanks a lot for your time and patience



    Yes Basilis, I already created that feature request.

    But I just sent that link (themify) to respond to Ismael request; as he –as a developer– surprisingly said he has not heard about any page builder that supports RTL style



    What I mean is a builder which automatically switch to rtl in the backend. If the themify builder can do that, good for them. I watched the intro video briefly but I didn’t see anything about rtl or maybe I missed it. Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)



    Hi Ismael,
    Yes, and I hope to see this feature from Enfold soon :)

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